What Critical Realism says about Facts

From an interview with Roy Bhaskar:

I argued against the stark polarity and contrast between facts and values. There is a dialectical interrelation between facts and values, in which we are never situated in a value free context. Values always impregnate and imbue our social praxis and our factual discourse, but at the same time, facts themselves do generate evaluative conclusions. This paved the way for the refutation of Hume’s law. * Truth and factuality are themselves norms, but that is a presupposition of all factual discourse, and on the basis of that value we can generate other evaluative conclusions.

Hume’s law separates the factual from the normative and argues that normative statements follow on from factual ones.


Some Animated Introductions to Sociology

Here is a link to three short animated introductions to sociology to whet your appetite for the greatly undervalued discipline and upset the purists at the same time. The three shorts are narrated by Alain de Botton – philosopher and TV presenter – and refer to the work of three classic and highly influential sociologists: Durkheim, Weber and Adorno  http://www.openculture.com/2015/06/animated-introductions-to-three-sociologists-durkheim-weber-adorno.html