A Note on Essay Writing Dispositions and Some Links to Writing Tips

Here are some links to essential tips for piecing together an essay. Some years back I tutored undergraduates in political ecology. I was blown away by the structuring of many of the assignments that I corrected. The standard was truly shocking and from conversations with my colleagues I learned that this was not limited to my tutorials. They too had some horror stories to relate. The worst has to be the use of an url address as a citation in mid paragraph. Scarier still, the address was for search results from ask.com. I get the strong impression that students were not taking the assignments seriously due to the small  proportion allotted them from the overall course results. Still the assignments surely reflect some of the bad writing habits of the students.

However, I don’t recall receiving much guidance on essay writing in my primary and post-primary years. On approaching the final post-primary exam I Continue reading