Welcome to a blog dedicated to social critique!

This blog is a mix of academia and current affairs analysis, with the main emphasis on the potential or likely role of society. Social explanations are crucial to understanding how we as a society have reached a certain point in time: whatever that point in time may be. Unfortunately, current media is preoccupied with news on the go, which leads to episodic framing whereby events are reported as self-contained moments, distinct from relations of history, culture, and societal power. Much of what is reported is treated as simply what is, devoid of social origins as though a part of some natural order. Cyberbullying, teen suicide, job creation, economic growth, climate change science etc., are often made to appear as though they manifested themselves out of thin air. Compounding this trend, when the world of journalism does seek some explanation, the panel of consecrated experts, that are called upon for advice tend to be from the individualising disciplines of psychology and economics. Their input largely serves to legitimate individualised and ahistoric journalistic narratives.

In response this blog attaches itself to the area of public sociology: simplified here to an approach in sociology which seeks to reach wider audiences outside the academy and so elevate the public status of social critique. Sociology offers different tools of trade to economics and psychology, such as a focus on social structures and relations, which are often revealing of the effects of power imbalances upon which the status quo reproduces itself. So too it plays a large role in revealing the emperor’s new clothes and the prevailing myths of our time. Only by making visible the conditions of power and inequality and the dispositional effects that disguise these for us can effective change be envisaged.

Mythsofourtime.wordpress.com is maintained by Emmet Fox, who received his PhD in sociology from the National University of Ireland, Galway in 2014.  It is hoped that this site will prove a useful forum for academics and non-academics alike.  My own interests at present are in sociological theory and the sociology of climate change. The central theorist upon whom my thesis is based is  Pierre Bourdieu whose work I have applied to advance a social critique of public receptivity to climate change.  I am interested in a variety of aspects of theory and social research from the sociology of risk to the sociology of power. My key approach to sociology is relational and I maintain a fascination for the complex relationship between society and the individual; agency and structure, along with Bourdieu’s reflexive concept of socioanalysis. Much of the latter I hope to apply in the running of the current blog. Other theorists which I hold particular enthusiasm for include Weber, Marx, Foucault, Elias, and recently the work of Margaret Archer. The blog will contain some of my own critical insights, links to relevant blogs and articles of social critique. In addition, guest posts are welcome.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. I also found your lecture on Bourdieu very helpful and was wondering if you had any others that you could share. Specifically, further explanation of the core concepts and perhaps an in-depth example.

  2. Hi, I enjoyed your first lecture on Bourdieu but was wondering if you have the subsequent lectures available? I’m an education student in Sydney, Australia and like your way of lecturing..it is more understandable than the readings been using.


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