A Ridiculous Juxtaposition: The Contradictions of Sustainability and the ‘Good Life’ of the Wealthy


2014-10-22 10.28.58

Ah the contradictions of modern living abound! Here’s one such example from Dublin’s D6 Living publication. This is really just a junk-mail circular targeted towards the lifestyles of the rich in wealthy areas such as Rathgar and Ranelagh. It has next to zero reporting on local community activities and politics or when it does it focuses on elite interests such as preserving Georgian Rathgar. It mostly discusses travel, health, interior design and contains interviews with celebrities in the area of upmarket-living such as celebrity chefs. It is interesting when such views of the ‘good life’,  which often carry higher environmental consequences than that of the average Joe, are juxtaposed against what should be a contrary narrative of sustainability. Take a look at the two-page spread above from its most recent edition. The article featured discusses water conservation while around it are pictures touting the ‘good life’ of bathing and showering. There is an advertisement on wet rooms telling you to enjoy every drop. The top right hand corner features a hot-tub which requires far more water than your average tub. And then there are what appears to be ridiculously joyous poses celebrating showering as some form of leisure (as opposed to functional) activity.


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