Back with an Article

Here’s an interesting link featuring some comments on the trials and tribulations of single-author blogging for academics. In short the enterprise mostly fails. Blogging needs regular postings, otherwise one has little hope of building and sustaining an audience. I was going well with maintaining a regular schedule; however, it has been over a month and a half since my last post. I have multiple reasons for the hiatus but the one I will give here is that a few PhD deadlines suddenly overran what little free-time I had. Additionally I’ve been reluctant to return to posting. I knew that once I had returned, the exertion of commitment would have to begin anew. It is just like when breaking from a gym regime. The break gets extended as your reluctance grows in the knowledge that returning to the regime means less relaxing evenings undisturbed by the realisation that soon you would be straining and grunting. Although my dedication for the latter has truly collapsed I always intended to return to blogging but after the thesis had undergone the internal review. So why am I back before that? Two reasons: 1) a friend of mine said if you intend to continue in academia you will always find deadlines threatening your other commitments so it’s best to just get used to it; 2) my reply to Crossley and Bottero’s article has just been published in cultural sociology and I wish to link the blog to it as it is relevant to an earlier post that I made on Bourdieu.

Next post should be coming soon …


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